Must-follow Instagrams for film lovers

Sayre rounds up the top five Instagram accounts to follow for film buffs and cinephiles…

Women and Film

As its name suggests, Women and Film is committed to diversifying our feeds with stills and clips taken from female-driven cinema. The account’s brand of feminism is refreshingly intersectional and, while the focus is largely on independent and art house cinema, the actresses and directors showcased on this account originate from all over the world. Also check out the Women and Film website for thought-provoking essays, reviews and articles on female film-making and the on-screen representation of women.

Colour Palette Cinema

Colour palette cinema takes #aestheticallypleasing to new, cinematic levels, drawing attention to the way in which directors manipulate colour in their films. Under each still – taken from a huge variety of mainstream and indy movies – a palette breaks down the colour composition of the scene, helping us to think about its the subtle psychological impact and offering us a new angle from which to approach film.

Anti CGI

Anti CGI has dedicated itself to compiling all the best examples of old-school, non-computerized special effects. Its catalogue ranges from the surreal to the nauseating, the fantastical to the unbelievable, and you’ll find yourself practically glued to your phone screen as you scroll through its enthralling contents.

Spilt Milk

Arguably one of the more bizarre Instagram accounts out there, Spilt Milk zooms in (sometimes quite literally) on the depiction of crying women not just in movies but in series, documentaries and even on sports TV. The array of photographs collected here encourage followers to think about the characterisation of the bleary-eyed female by viewers and filmmakers, and the various connotations of these tears – from their romanticism to their suggestion of deceit.

Old Hollywood Fans

A homage to classical Hollywood, this Instagram account offers viewers a daily trip into the past with flashbacks to the days of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Gable and Fred Astaire. This is an unashamedly self-indulgent follow for any, well, old Hollywood fans.

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